CodeBreaK Clinical Trials

Amgen is currently testing a study drug called sotorasib. The CodeBreaK clinical trials have the potential to help people whose cancer has the KRAS G12C mutation.

How do I know if my cancer has the KRAS G12C mutation?

You may have already been tested for genetic mutations related to cancer. You can ask your doctor about this testing, which is called biomarker testing, to find out about the KRAS G12C mutation. You or your doctor can also contact us for more information.


KRAS mutations can play a role in some of the most common cancers, including lung, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers.


Despite nearly four decades of scientific efforts, a potential way to target this mutation has only recently been discovered.


The study drug in the CodeBreaK clinical trials, sotorasib, is designed to target the KRAS G12C mutation. Therefore, your cancer will need to have this mutation for you to participate in a CodeBreaK clinical trial. Your doctor can help you find out if your cancer has the KRAS G12C mutation.


How does sotorasib work?

Sotorasib is designed to fit into a specific groove on mutated KRAS to “lock” it in an inactive state. The goal of “locking” the mutation in an inactive state is to stop cancer from growing.